Wilhelm Reich

The principle of Wilhelm Reichs scientific work is based on somatic psychoterapy. Reich began his carier as a psychoanalitist, his teacher was Sigmund Freud. Later he totally left Freuds ideas and developed his own unique philosophical and therapeutic system, which even nowadays is still not fully appreciated. During his scientific work Reich discovered life energy, which is esential for physical and mental health. He named this energy Orgon. Orgon is the subject matter of his discovery. This energy is the power behind all fyzical and mental functions of our organism. Reich found out how to renew this energy and therefore the health of body and soul.

The principle of therapy

The Orgon pulses. For better undersatanding we can explain this principle through body functions. Let us start with breathing. Breathing in and out creates a whole harmonious unit. Breathing in causes mobilization, the energy potential increases. Breathing out causes relaxation, the energy flows away. Similary with the heart beat. It works on the same principle. Also the metabolism of our bodies right down to the cellular level works on the same bases. The problems appear, when the pulse principle is interrupted. Orgon can be limited during the stage of breathing in or breathing out. This limitation is usually caused by holding the breath. This causes, so-called, muscular plate. This muscular plate influences funcions of the body, determines a certain disposition. A person works with his or her energy according to the character of the muscular plate and forms mental patterns. These muscular plates are caused mainly by traumatic experiences from early childhood up to adulthood. If those blocks not dissipated but on the contrary strengthened, they can develop into body or mental patology. Let us describe Chat happens in the human body during an uprise of the energy block. Reduction of orgons puls restricts the flow of liquids in the body. The metabolism and therefore the imunity of the body gets worse. Supply of nutrients and oxygen to the tissue stagnates and contrariwise the harmful pollutants remain. This situation causes various illnesses or mental imbalance. On the mental level, the reality could be felt differently. We feel worse. We do not live happily.

The potentials of the therapy

As a therapist I am able to loosen muscular and energy plates in the human body. Tension can be removed and the energy pulse restored. After the therapy the body and mind can function in the normal way and most of the subjective health problems disappear. The second part of the therapy concentates on the patients character. The client is told the cause of his health problems. The physical and mental exercises that lead to healing are suggested. It is a way to heal the body and mind of the patient and also do away with the sources of the illnesses. This kind of therapy is suitable for a wide range of illnesses and diseases. The therapy is suitable for most people that have left a doctor without any improvement to their health. From my own experience I have had good results with healing a wide range of helth problems from depression to psychosomatic diseases including diagnosis of colitis.

Personal development

This therapy enables not only the healing of the body and mind, but also improvement of personal potentional. The therapy concentrates on mental, energy and physical qualities and their mutal interrelationship.