Bioenergy Work-Out

Spirituality works on very basic principles. The first principle is the homeostatic law. Our body is programmed thanks to different feedbacks in a way that it is able to balance and heal itself. Cases when we search for doctor´s help only reflect total misunderstanding of this very basic fact, when we are living a life, which unables our body to work in homeostatic balance.

  The second principle is perpetual motion. Our body continually produces energy. The process is as following. Under the influence of breathing our kidneys are moving in their soft tissue 3 cm up and 3 cm down. This movement causes a very gentle friction. At the same time this movement is made by testicles and their product, spermatozoa. Breath, kidneys, testicles and speramatozoa are thus interconnected. The final product, spermatozoa are literally charged with kinetic energy. Their movement creates waves that heal all the physical body and psyche. We thus have an access to an enormous amount of energy, that is at our disposal and can be used for creation of anything.

Not everybody, though, is willing to create. As my favourite negative film hero says: “People define themselves through poverty and misery.“   .“ If we then want to be aware of ourselves, the balance of energy is not the only way to reach this. The state of unbalance and lack of energy also leads to conscious perception of reality, however, in this case we perceive the existence through anxiety and pain. There is no difference between balance and delight, chaos and pain – these are absolutely equal possibilities how to realize the life. It is only up to us which we choose and partly also up to our intelligence and will to understand and fulfill the intention.

I heard an opinion that bioenergetic exercise is not for everybody. This is nonsence. Only a mentally disordered person should do it under the supervision of an specialist. Practicing it leads to a removal of the emotional plague which we are burdened with thanks to pedagogical and social customs. I am not saying it always goes quickly or that it is the only way how to reach transcendence. It is, though, a way which is quite simple and free.