Dr. Jeese Jutkowitz

An American, Dr. Jutkowitz is the autor of the ABC method. He has been developing this method for twenty years. Dr. Jutkowitz is practicing and teaching in the USA and Australia.(

The results of the therapy

The ABC method does not restore muscels with different massage techniques nor does this method use any handling techniques for unblocking the spine. Dr. Jutkowitz sees most problemes on the level of spinal cord covers. From my own experience I know, that the different massage and other techniques have only temporary effect. The patient feels better for the time beeing, but the problems come back again sooner or latter. For some diagnoses like scolioses, narrowed spinal channel or chronic pain after hernia of spinal disk, the patient is recomended to do certain execises. If they do not help, the doctor just shrugs his shoulders and the patient has to put up with the pain. According to Dr. Jutkowitz, the ABC method has the power to influence positively even such diagnosis with permanent effect. I have to admit, having ten years of rehabilitation practice, I was very sceptical about such a statement. Nevertheless, the ABC method proved it self to be very effective and it is only right to be described and explained on this Webside. Let us explain the principle. The brain and the spinal cord are wraped in three laiers of cerebo-spinal coveres. Those coveres are very flexible. Their function is to protect and enable mobility of the spinal cord. When the cover is injured, it looses its flexibility. This cause a limitation of mobility in the corresponding part of the spine. The rest of the spine has to take over the function of the injured part, which causes various problems and pain. The ABC method enables the loosening of the cerebo-spinal covers and gives the spine back its mobility.

The possibilities of the therapy

The ABC method has prooved to be of help with all kind of back trouble. The method also helps to loosen patiens breathing and effectivly restores bodily mobility. In my practice I found the causes of long lasting pain after a car accident to be completly relieved. Also successful treatment of scoliosis, head ache caused by a block of the cervical spine, narrowed spinal channel or chronic pain elsewhere can be cured. The method has also a positive effect on the nervous system in general. The comunication between the brain and the peripheral nervous system improves. Patients speak about spontanious encrease in the flow of energy and also an improvement of the memory. The method probably removes the energy plate of the central nervous system. (Not mentioned by Dr. Jutkowitz.)

The ABC method is probably the most efective treatment I have ever met. However, patiens remain responsible for their own health, folow up rehabilitation and exercise are nescesary. The method is not miraculous.